GOST 2081-92
Is used in the industry as raw material for manufacture of pitches, glue, etc., and also in agriculture as mineral nitric fertilizer.
Packing: bulk
Delivery: railway transport
Quality parameters:

Parameters description Min. Max. Description
Granules mass fraction residue on the sieve 6 mm, % Absence
Granules mass fraction <1 mm, %, not more than 3
Granules mass fraction 1-4 mm, %, not less than 94
Granules mass fraction 2-4 mm, %, not less than 70
Water mass fraction acc. to Fisher method, %, not more than 0.5
Nitrogen mass fraction as dry substance, %, not less than 46.2
Anticaking agent content, %, not less than 0.03 0.05
Biuret mass fraction, %, not more than 1.4
Statistic strength, %, not less than 0.7