Politereftalan etylenu 8200 L


Polyethylene terephthalate 8200 is used for manufacture of disposable packing materials. 

Physical and chemical properties: 

Parameter Value РЕТ 8200 type L 
Appearance white granules 
Weight of 50 granules, g 0,95-1,20 
Dust content, %, not more 0.05 
Intrinsic viscosity in dichloroacetic acid, dl/g 0.78-0.82 
Acetaldehyde (АА) content, ррm, not more 1,0 
Color difference CIELAB 1976, at D 65/10, specular component excluded: – L units, not less than – a* units -b* units, not more   73.9 -1.4±1.5 0.8 
Moisture content, %, not more – 


Polyethylene terephthalate 8200 type L is packed in special soft containers with PE liner for bulk products. Each container is mounted onto a wooden pallet. 

Weight in a container – 1000,0 ±3,0 kg. 

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