Urea ammonium nirate

UAN can be used on all types of soil for pre-sowing and top dressing of cereals, rape, potato, beet, corn, grassland, and vegetable and fruit crops. UAN can be combined with other agrochemicals, such as micronutrients, fungicides, zoocides, growth regulators, as long as their instructions for use do not contain contraindications and provide for application in the form of a coarse spraying. In industry – used for the production of MDF and chipboard.

Appearance: clear or having a touch of colour liquid

Packaging and transpotation: r/w tanks

Technical characteristics:

Parameters description Norms
Urea/ammonium nitrate mass ratio 0,78±0,05
Total mass fraction of nitrogen, %, not less than 31,5 − 32,5
Alkalinity as free NH3, % 0,01 − 0,50